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Adult Hockey End of Season Report

November 5, 2014 – ​Well we have reached the end of the inaugural Fall adult hockey season and as the leaves are turning and falling so too are the over 40 hockey players.

To be honest I am not to sure how much “turning” Richard actually did, or indeed running but I regret to report that he is a fallen comrade in arms, a wounded warrior, with I believe a severe case of a “torn fetlock”. If he were a horse, Deneel would probably advocate a quick shooting.

For the rest of us the guest appearance of Kate Gilligan in goals was a welcome chance to play “Kill the Goalkeeper” with Gunther proving he is no match for Kirsten when it comes to shooting from the top of the D, although to be fair he did display some silky dribbling skills (and I am not referring to his Becks drinking after the game).

I am not sure if it was the absence of Steve or the introduction of Marge but the average age level seemed to drop inversely to the increase in skill level shown on the pitch on Thursday night. This led to some thrilling hockey for the largest crowd of spectators we have yet seen, I counted 5 supporters some of whom are talking a good game but still not playing.

John, el presidente, il duche, has declared adult hockey to be a “good” thing and hopefully we will see its return come Spring. Well done to the beginners who can now knowledgeably criticize their daughters from the sideline!!!

Ali Murdoch

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